Michelle Adkins

Research Specialist

Office: 850-337-1475

Michelle Adkins brings over 10 years of classified data entry experience to her role as a research specialist for G/A&A. Prior to joining G/A&A, Adkins served the Florida Air National Guard for six years as an aerospace control and warning systems technician and the Department of Labor for six years as a data entry specialist. Adkins received her B.A. in aeronautics and a minor in management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide.

Tony Asher

Business Manager

Office: 850-337-1480

Cell: 850-217-1879

Tony Asher has a long career in business and career education and provides management regarding G/A&A's financial and business operations. His responsibilities include managing the office building and property, overseeing finance and accounting functions and supervising investment operations and capital planning to achieve profitable growth. He is also involved with legal and compliance matters, internal audit and control issues, tax planning and financial strategy. Asher joined G/A&A in these roles at its founding in 2004.

Allison Baranowski

Associate Executive Assistant & Research Associate

Office: 850-337-1482

Allison Baranowski serves Greenwood/Asher as executive associate to the partners, Jan Greenwood and Betty Asher, managing calendars, travel and all communications. Additional responsibilities include providing assistance for searches through research for prospective candidates and sources and preparing materials in support of the candidate selection process. She directs the daily operations of the G/A&A office. Baranowski holds an A.A. from University of North Georgia and a B.A. from Piedmont College, both in business administration.

Joanna Dawson

Finance & Controls Officer

Office: 850-337-1479

Joanna Dawson serves as the fiscal manager for G/A&A, providing leadership, oversight, and execution of financial matters. Her responsibilities include management of financial controls, fiscal forecasting, payroll and payables, and oversight of billings and receivables. She previously worked as Controller for Legal Services of Alabama where she was responsible for the overall financial management of the organization. Dawson has a background in public accounting and holds a B.S. in Mathematics, and a M.S. in Accountancy.

Leonor Dottin

Business Development Manager

Office: 850-337-1524

Leonor Dottin manages all business development operations for G/A&A in her role as business development manager. She explores and nurtures new and existing client relationships, prepares proposals, and responds to bid opportunities. Leonor has over 25 years of business operations and management experience within private, public, and non-profit organizations, and seeks to expand G/A&A's business opportunities internationally given her bilingual background in Spanish. Dottin received an M.S. in hospitality management from Florida International University.

Jay Garcia

Research Specialist

Office: 850-337-1491

Jay Garcia provides support to G/A&A consultants and clients in his role as a research specialist for G/A&A. Some of his responsibilities include gathering extensive research on prospective candidates, organizing candidate documentation for search committees and identifying uniquely qualified prospects in the market. Previously, Jay served several years on active duty and in the U.S. Navy Reserves as an Administrative Office Manager. Jay received an A.A. in General Studies from the University of West Florida.

Allie Golson

Business Development Specialist

Office: 850-650-2277

Allie Golson is the business development specialist for G/A&A and helps manage all business development operations for the firm. She operates the business development management system, generates research reports, prepares proposals, communicates with current and prospective clients and explores new client opportunities. Previously serving as administrative assistant and operations manager for accounting and media companies, Golson was cited for attention to detail and quality. Golson holds a B.S. degree in finance from Auburn University at Montgomery.

Kelly Goodsell

Executive Search Specialist

Office: 850-337-1474

Kelly Goodsell facilitates executive searches in higher education along the ladder of academic leadership positions, ranging from senior leadership to middle management to specialized faculty positions. She brings to her executive search consultant work an extensive knowledge of higher education, rooted in her previous work for G/A&A as an administrative assistant and researcher. Goodsell is particularly adept at the research involved in finding non-traditional candidates for searches and in broadly casting outreach for candidates with unique required and desired characteristics. She is responsible for outreach to potential candidates, presenting candidates for review to search committees, managing the interview process, referencing finalists and ensuring clients achieve search closure. Goodsell is involved with numerous community outreach and charitable events through local organizations. She has worked in sales, marketing, promotions and finances relating to organizing and marketing nonprofit events. She holds a B.S. in business and marketing from the University of West Florida.

Mike Griffin

IT Specialist

Office: 850-337-1485

Mike Griffin manages G/A&A's technology operations. He oversees the day-to-day technology issues including its hardware, software, voice and email systems, website and search committee resource sites. He facilitates the firm's knowledge management system to ensure that the firm's research capabilities and database are integrated and optimized to peak efficiency. He keeps the firm technologically advanced by researching new strategies to expedite search operations and communications via voice, Internet and video. He manages technology back-up strategies.

Harlan Harber

Referencing Specialist

Office: 850-650-2277

Cell: 703-489-3332

Harlan Harber is a G/A&A referencing specialist. He conducts an in-depth analysis of each candidates' strengths and areas for continued professional development. Through comprehensive interviews with supervisors, peers and direct reports, he develops a 360° portrait of each candidate. Harlan began his career as an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and then moved into a 30-year career in IT, where he worked with training, customer service and consulting services. He managed large staffs for North America operations in private sector, nonprofit organizations and governmental entities with specialization in recruitment and hiring of large technical and managerial staffs. Harber then consulted for several years with universities and community college systems on the development of cost effective and comprehensive delivery systems for student customer support, including on-line learning modalities. Haber holds a B.A. from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Kansas.