Marie Olney

Finance Support Specialist

Office: 850-337-1522

Marie Olney serves as bookkeeper for G/A&A, backed with over 20 years of experience in accounting. She handles accounts payable and receivable and collections, especially on behalf of travel reimbursements for candidates in G/A&A searches. Her work experience ranges from small business owner to paralegal specialist in corporate affairs. In addition to her certification as a paralegal, she is bonded as a notary and is a Guardian Ad Litem Volunteer with the State of Florida.

Jan Ortego

Research Specialist

Office: 850-337-1494

Jan Ortego generates successful search recruitment at G/A&A in her role as research associate. Her tasks include generating ample research on candidates, ensuring the candidate pools are diverse and qualified, organizing candidate documentation for search committees and orchestrating a smooth line of communication between clients and consultants. She previously served as a human resources training manager for Walmart. Ortego received a B.A. in French and a M.Ed. from Tulane University.

Brigitte Savage

Senior Advisor

Office: 850-650-2277

Brigitte Savage is a development expert with over 30 years of experience in fund raising and over a decade of service in executive recruiting and referencing. She has been instrumental in raising well over $100 million for nonprofit organizations in the arts, women's and human rights, and in international development. For eight years, Savage served as VP for Development and Membership at a national nonprofit organization. At GA&A she has specialized in development searches. She is CFRE certified and an expert in all phases of development - needs assessment, case statement development, prospect research and cultivation, proposal writing, planned giving, direct mail fund raising, membership recruitment and retention, and conference and event planning. Her degrees are from University of California Los Angeles and University of Erlangen Germany.

Judy Touchton

Senior Advisor

Office: 850-650-2277

Judy Touchton is known especially for her work in women's leadership advocacy and her expertise in higher education executive search and selection processes. Touchton was Interim Director and Deputy Director of the Office of Women in Higher Education and Director of the National Network of Women Leaders for the American Council on Education. Subsequently, she is the founder and CEO of Women Leaders Move and President of Touchton Partners LLC through which she serves as executive coach and candidate consultant to academic women leaders. She is a popular speaker on leadership and career development for women and dynamic writer on issues of equity, advancement and leadership. Touchton has a B.A. from Duke University and a Ph.D. from University of Maryland College Park.