Strategic Plan Consulting


Unleashing the power of strategic vision.

High performing leaders constantly evaluate their organization’s performance and potential to ensure growth and sustainability. We support our clients by facilitating strategic planning, conducting academic program/organizational reviews, and benchmarking policies and practices.

We partner with institutions to design a planning process that best matches the culture and needs of the institution. Our work includes the use of evidence-based approaches, assessment of current and desired status through multiple mechanisms, grassroots engagement, development of measurement dashboards, and leadership development for those involved with strategic planning implementation.


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What we can do for you:

    • Facilitate the creation and implementation of environmental scanning and strategic planning process that fits the unique culture of the client
    • Develop measurable performance indicators to support multi-department initiatives
    • Assess, design and initiate change management processes
    • Supporting governance through facilitation of Board of Trustee development, collaboration and performance
    • Clarify and design organizational roles, processes and structures
    • Evaluate academic programs for quality, visibility and long-term success
    • Assess organizational climate for readiness to change
    • Benchmark policies, practices, programs and services against peer and national norm
    • Analyze, through objective, third-party review, existing policy and developing recommendations for improvement


STEP 1: Evaluating the situation – data collection, climate assessment and in-depth inquiries about challenges, opportunities, and feasible strategies

STEP 2: Planning to address specific needs, goals, limitations, and timelines

STEP 3: Developing specific initiatives driven by key constituencies to generate buy-in and commitment

STEP 4: Communicating the emerging plan or process broadly and involving constituency groups in the processes

STEP 5: Executing the plan or process, through pilots, coaching, and celebrating milestones and results

Let’s talk about how GA&A can help your organization develop winning strategies.