Harvard May Quietly Turn to Outside Firms in Presidential Search

G/A&A's partner, Jan Greenwood, is quoted in an article released by The Harvard Crimson discussing Harvard's possible turn to outside firms to assist in the presidential search. "But even if Harvard decides to officially forgo a search firm this time, Jan Greenwood—president of the higher education search firm Greenwood/Asher—said it may still consult with one informally. 'Even universities that don’t appear to be using search firms are using them in a behind-the-scenes kind of way,' Greenwood said." The article goes on to say, "Then, the committee will may create what Greenwood called a 'position description,' which identifies core challenges and opportunities facing the institution and the skills needed to meet them. 'That becomes almost like a contract for what the search committee is looking for,' Greenwood said. 'So your key starting point is what the position description identifies.'" Read the full article on The Harvard Crimson website: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/8/9/executive-search-firms-prez/