Peripatetic President

Gordon Gee stuns Vanderbilt -- site of his fifth presidency -- by quitting to return to Ohio State, site of his third and soon-to-be sixth. "I think this is an anomaly," said Jan Greenwood, president of a search firm that bears her name. She has been involved in more than 700 searches and she said that while many search committees talk about qualities that they liked in previous presidents, she has never been asked to recruit a former president to come back. "The nature of the job changes so much." Several others involved in hundreds of searches said that they too had never received such a request from a committee. "I don't think we'll see a rush of people doing this," she said. (Greenwood, like the other search firm officials quoted in this article, was not involved in the Ohio State search that led to Gee's selection.) Read more on Inside Higher Ed: