Pumping Out Presidents

G/A&A Partner and President, Jan Greenwood, is quoted in an article reported by Inside Higher Ed discussing "hot spots" for up and coming leaders in higher education. “'You do see hot spots,' said Jan Greenwood, partner and president of the search firm Greenwood/Asher & Associates. 'If you know the market and have tracked it and watch how people make moves, you know in fact that some of that does go on.' Such hot spots can be long-lasting or develop for limited periods of time, Greenwood said. She thinks they don’t develop quite as often is it might seem to the outside observer, but certain institutions tend to share talent frequently. 'There was a period where the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Texas at Austin and the University of California system were kind of tracking one with the other,' Greenwood said. 'That said to a search consultant, if you’re doing a search at UIUC, for example, be sure you don’t ignore Texas at Austin or the UC system.”' Read the full article at Inside Higher Ed.