Greenwood/Asher is partnering with The Devine Group, a global organization to provide analytical assessments, to provide predictive analytical assessments to supplement our search and consulting processes. Since 1970, The Devine Group has helped over 5000 clients strengthen their own organizations through talent management solutions that support their selection, onboarding, development and team building processes. The Devine Group approach of assessing candidates against required and desired competencies is unique in the field of predictive assessments. G/A&A has collaboration with The Devine Group on the development of competency modules specifically for higher education leadership positions including presidents, provosts and deans.

The highly efficient on-line tool typically only takes candidates 25 minutes to complete. This results in a report and professional confidential feedback session detailing the individual’s strengths, key areas for development and marginal competencies. Improvement tips with future training and performance development plans are included to help individuals realize their full leadership potential. Additionally, both individual and group assessment reports are available that support ongoing professional and team development.

The Devine Group individual and team assessments are powerful tools used in our search and consulting services as well as offered independently for use by our clients.