Jane Drennan

Search Support Specialist

Office: 850-650-2277

Cell: 507-282-7419


Jane Drennan’s experience as a teacher and building, district, and charter school leader in K-12 public schools in Minnesota, Georgia, and Ohio prepared her for success as a search support specialist with GA&A. The focus of her leadership has always been equity-focused, including identifying diverse groups of highly qualified candidates for roles within organizations. She is committed to identifying and supporting leaders that reflect the unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of students and their communities. As the “founding principal” for two new schools, she worked collaboratively with employees and the community resulting in being selected by the local teachers’ association as Principal of the Year.

Jane has an education specialist-6th year certificate equivalency and a B.S. in elementary education from Winona State University; a Bachelor of Music from Miami University; and is certified as an executive coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (i.e., iPEC).