Katie Olivant

Strategic Services

Throughout her career, Dr. Katie Olivant has engaged in successful grant writing, strategic planning, action research, program evaluation, and accreditation activities. Katie worked at California State University, Stanislaus after 25 years, during which she served as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs (AVPAA), Chair of the Liberal Studies - Elementary Teaching Content Preparation Department, and Associate Professor of Liberal Studies.

As AVPAA, Katie served as the University’s Accreditation Officer and Research Integrity Officer and oversaw both academic policy and curricular policy initiatives and processes. She also led the initial implementation of a university-wide, comprehensive academic advising software tool. During her time as department chair of one of the University’s largest majors, Katie worked closely with the Teacher Education department and subject matter area departments to develop clearer and more efficient pathways for undergraduate students into credential programs, including writing and implementing a $225,000 grant for that purpose, and participating in the development and implementation of a $2,000,000 grant to improve the recruitment and preparation of future teachers. She also served as the Assessment Facilitator for Undergraduate Programs for the College of Education, Kinesiology and Social Work. In her early years as a faculty member, Katie served as the Coordinator of Outreach, Communications, and Graduate Learning Services for CEGE (Center for Excellence in Graduate Education) and as the Coordinator of Service Learning for PACE (Program for Academic and Career Excellence). Her involvement with CEGE and PACE, which were funded by a Title V grant, further enhanced her experience in program evaluation and grant reporting.

Prior to transitioning to faculty, Katie served in a variety of student services roles at CSU Stanislaus, including Director of Student Leadership and Development and Executive Assistant and Judicial Affairs Officer for the Division of Student Affairs. These experiences deeply informed her commitment to student success and equity as a faculty member and academic administrator.

Katie’s research interests involve the roles of creativity, critical thinking and reflection in both K-12 and higher education leadership, as well as the evaluation and assessment of educational programs’ effectiveness. Katie received her Ed.D in Educational Leadership from UC Davis / CSU Fresno, M.B.A. from Northwestern University, and B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University, Bloomington.