Kelly Goodsell

Executive Search Specialist

Office: 850-337-1474

Kelly Goodsell facilitates executive searches in higher education along the ladder of academic leadership positions, ranging from senior leadership to middle management to specialized faculty positions. She brings to her executive search consultant work an extensive knowledge of higher education, rooted in her previous work for G/A&A as an administrative assistant and researcher. Goodsell is particularly adept at the research involved in finding non-traditional candidates for searches and in broadly casting outreach for candidates with unique required and desired characteristics. She is responsible for outreach to potential candidates, presenting candidates for review to search committees, managing the interview process, referencing finalists and ensuring clients achieve search closure. Goodsell is involved with numerous community outreach and charitable events through local organizations. She has worked in sales, marketing, promotions and finances relating to organizing and marketing nonprofit events. She holds a B.S. in business and marketing from the University of West Florida.